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Unit 1
iOS Platform
Platforms & OS's
Apple Developer
iOS app software

      Portfolio Project

Course Description


Students' Apps

Class Wiki



Apple Developer Program
for students   -   for adults >= 18

Apple Swift Developer Resources

Stanford iPhone course

OS Developer Library

Objective-C API

ideone & compileonline.com - free online Objective C compilers

iOS Development Resources
CodeWithChris Tutorials
iOS Dev Center
Apple Tutorial
iOS App Prog. Guide
New Boston Vids - obj C
New Boston Vids - iOS

Design Then Code
Switch On The Code
hello world tutorial
Stanford CS 193
tutorial sites!!!
Deitel Links

Objective C Resources
Obj C Essentials book - good reference
Become an Xcoder book
Learn Obj C in 6 Days
Obj C book
Apple's Obj C book
Objective C
Obj C tutorial 1
Obj C @ lynda.com

algorithm visualizer
algorithm & data structure videos

Unit 2




Become an Xcoder book functions

Pointers 1
Custom Pointers
Make a Fill in Blank Worksheet
Objective-C Demos
Unit 2 - Part 2 Teaching App Development with Swift (or here)        
Unit 3
Learn Obj C in 6 Days

   Classes & OOP
   Implementing Methods
Fraction class demo1
Fraction class demo2
Complex class demo1
Square class demo 1
TicTacToe client

Working with Classes 1
Writing a Class 1

Learn Obj C in 6 Days #1

Learn Obj C in 6 Days #2
Learn Obj C in 6 Days #3
Learn Obj C in 6 Days #4
Learn Obj C in 6 Days #5
Learn Obj C in 6 Days #6
Console Game
Unit 4

Hello World iOS app

    Hello World
Small Biz App
Simple Animation
Dice Roll
Tutorial Project

Unit 5 AppCoda iOS Beginner
AppCoda iOS Intermediate

AppCoda iOS Course
AppCoda iOS Game Tutorial

Unit 6          
Unit 7          
Unit 8          
Stanford 1. MVC & Intro to Obj C
Stanford Lecture 1 Slides
Stanford 2. My First IOS App
iOS 5 Walkthrough
Stanford Lecture 1 Wksht #1
Calculator v1
Calculator v2
Calculator v3 (Stanford Asst #1)
Stanford Debugger
Stanford 3. Objective-C
Stanford Lecture 3 Slides
Calculator v4
Stanford 4. Views
Stanford Lecture 4 Slides
Stanford Xcode & Souce Code Control
Calculator v5 (Stanford Asst #2)
Stanford 5. Protocols & Gestures
Stanford Lecture 5 Slides
Stanford 6. Multiple MVCs and
Stanford Lecture 6 Slides
Stanford Assignment #3
Stanford 7. UIToolbar and iPad
Stanford Lecture 7 Slides
Stanford 8. Controller Lifecycle
Stanford Lecture 8 Slides
Introduction to AVFoundation
Stanford 9. Table Views
Stanford 10. Blocks and Multithreading
Stanford Lecture 10 Slides
Stanford Assignment #4
Stanford 11. Core Location and
Staford Lecture 11 Slides
Stanford 12. Persistence
Stanford Lecture 12 Slides
Time Profiler
Stanford Assignment #5
Stanford 13. Core Data
Stanford Lecture 13 Slides
Stanford 14. Core Data Demo
Stanford Lecture 14 Slides
Stanford Assignment #6
Stanford 15. Modal View Controller
Stanford Lecture 15 Slides
Stanford 16 Action Sheets, Ima
Stanford Lecture 16 Slides
Stanford 17. iCloud
Stanford Lecture 17 Slides
Stanford 18. iCloud Demo
Stanford Lecture 18 Slides
Designing Multimedia
Stanford 19. Automated Testing