RACC VB Class #4 Lecture

Possible quiz on the annotated Hello World quiz handout

(if necessary) Review Chapter 1 Review Questions #1, 4, 9, 11-14, & 15 on p. 46.

Finish building Ch2Demo1 using the interface, properties, and events planning forms that are provided as handouts

As a class build a project named Ch2Demo2 (interface and code) to illustrate or review any other relevant Ch. 2 topics

Discuss any remaining Ch. 2 Lecture topics

(if time & if necessary) Review Feedback 2.2 questions on p. 67

(if time & if necessary) Review the Ch. 2 Review Questions #1-17 on pp. 79 & 80

(if time) Begin Ch. 3 Lecture

Homework Assignment: