RACC VB Class #2 Lecture

Quiz on Ch. 1 Demo Project #1 (hello world program)

Begin Ch. 1 Lecture

As a class build a demo program that illustrates the Ch. 1 concepts:

Review the VB environment being able to:

  1. identify and "retrieve" the project explorer, form, & properties windows as well as the toolbox and toolbar.
  2. choose Tools/Options/Editor to checkmark the "Default to Full Module View" option
  3. choose Tools/Options/Editor to checkmark the "Require Variable Declaration" option (which causes Option Explicit to automatically appear in every project)
  4. type, save, and execute your first program (Ch. 1 Demo Project #1).
  5. copy the folder that you created to contain Ch. 1 Demo Project #1 project to a floppy disk
  6. reload, modify, and execute Ch. 1 Demo Project #1 from a floppy disk.

Introduction of our class mailing list

(if time) Review selected Ch. 1 Review Questions on p. 46

(if time) Complete the "Writing Your First Visual Basic Project" tutorial that begins on p. 8

(if time) Begin Ch. 2 Lecture

Homework Assignment: