Scholarship Opportunities
for Wyomissing Area Comp Sci students

WAHS Computer Science Award (formerly known as Computer Math Award)

A $25-100 monetary award given to a senior who has demonstrated excellence in computer science. Past winners include Dylan Thomas (2015), Caroline Pattillo (2014), Audrey Ann Blakely & Scott Goldberg (2013), Dylan Hogue & Paul Lutz (2012), Mac Dougherty (2011), Matt Vandenbosch (2010), Sean Nutting (2009), Sam Wiley (2008), Andrew O'Rourke (2007), & Joe Li (2006).

Sheth Award

A $25-100 monetary award given to a student who has shown outstanding interest and talent in the field of computer science. This award is given in memory of Niraj P. Sheth, a former Wyomissing student. Past winners include Alan Lu (2015), Alex Fisher (92014), Kosho Hoshitsuki (2013), Colleen O'Rourke (2012), David Ciatto (2011), Nick Anzalone (2010), Chris Shields (2008), no award (2009), Courtney Christopher (2007), & Mike Wojchiechowski (2006).

Red Chair Award

A $ monetary award given to a ???. This award will be given for the first time in 2015-16.

Continental Mathematics League (CML) Contest Award

A certificate award given to the top scorer from Wyomissing Area High School in the national Continental Mathematics League (CML) Java Contest. Past winners include Joe Li, Kevin Leiby, & Mike Wojchiechowski. The award has not been given since 2008 because the school does not compete in this competition.

WAEF Scholarships
(some of these awards are no longer offered)

Women's Club of Wyomissing Award

A $1500 award given to a senior demonstrating financial need, academic achievement, extra-curricular activities, and commitment to school and community service. This award is sponsored by the Women's Club, the WAEF, and the Berks County Community Foundation. Past winners include Ashish Kalani (2009-10), Miranda Schaeffer (2008-09), Daniel Barron (2007-08), John Shields (2004-05), Kaitlin Sweitzer (2003-04), Ben Macadangdang (2002-03), Katie Cirulli (2001-02), Sabrina Leinbach (2000-01) & Josh Barron (1999-2000).

Computer Science Scholarship at Millersville University

Through a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Millersville University will be awarding 4 scholarships of $3,125 each year through 2005-06 to entering freshmen majoring in computer science. See for more information and apply by Jan. 15. You must write a "brief essay" that answering the following: 1/ How your interest in CS evolved, 2/ What you envision your life in computer science to be like in 5 years, 3/ How you've been involved in extracurricular activities related to computing, 4/ activities that put demands on your time, and 5/ other information useful in evaluating your application.

Berks County Association of Educational Office Professionals

A $500 award is paid to the recipient for one graduating senior in Berks County who has high scholastic standing, plans to study in the secretarial/clerical field, and who has been accepted at an accredited 2 or 4-year vocational-technical school, business school, or college. Selection is based on economic need, academic potential, character, and leadership. A 250 word essay is required. The application is due on April 2. Contact your guidance counselor for more information.

CyberCorps Scholarships

These scholarships are similar to ROTC scholarships, except that instead of doing military service, you work for your-choice-of government institution after you graduate.

National Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) program for Cyber Operations


NCAE for Information Assurance / Cyber Defense


Society of Women Engineers Scholarship

Multiple $5,000 scholarshps are granted by the Society of Women Engineers - Lehigh Valley to high school senior girls who intend to major in engineering. Applications are due in early February. More info can be found at

There are several national scholarships sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). See this list of scholarships for which incoming freshwomen are eligible.

The Wal-Mart Competitive Edge Scholarship

If you're interested in any career related to manufacturing, industry, or technology and are planning to declare a major in Computer Science, Computer Information systems, Computer Systems Engineering, or many other preselected majors, you are eligible to apply for this $5,000 yearly scholarship ($20,000 total). You must also score above 1100 on the SAT and have a 3.5 or higher GPA. The deadline is March 1. See Mr. Minich or a counselor for a copy of the application.

Pennsylvania New Economy Technology Scholarship

This $3000/year scholoarship is awarded to students majoring in many computer or other science-related majors. See for details.

NSA Stokes Educational Scholarship Program

Formerly known as the Undergraduate Training Program, this scholarship is especially open to minorities and women who plan to major in computer science or computer/electrical engineering. You can earn up to $30,000 per year and you work for the NSA during the summer.


See this list.