Basic Programming Game Programs

Students taking Basic Programming at the Wyomissing Area High School ended the school year designing and coding game programs. Each student's game is available here for download. The students used Visual Basic version 6 to produce the games which will run as standalone executable programs. Simply click a link below to download a student's game program and save the resulting .exe file on your PC's hard drive. You do need a certain .dll file to be stored in your C:\Windowss\System folder in order to play these VB-created games. I will provide more information here about obtaining that .dll file. (Sorry, Macintosh users will not be able to play these games with or without the .dll file.) Then, use Windows Explorer to locate the file and double-click its icon or file name to play the game. All of these programs have been tested and executed by the teacher, Mr. Minich. However, you should realize that there is always risk involved with downloading and executing files to your computer and no warranty is offered or implied with these games.

See this link to download the actual games