Class #9 Lecture
Flash Animation

Chapter H Lecture

Hands-On Exercises

  • Create a custom keyboard shortcut
  • Use the History panel to create a custom command script
  • Use the Find feature
  • Use the Batch Process command
  • Use the Quick Export button
  • Take advantage of a png document's Design Notes by quickly editing an original png from within Dreamweaver.
  • Visit the Macromedia Exchange Web site & use the Extensions Manager to apply a free Creative Command that you downloaded from that Web site.

Discuss the Final Exam.

Homework Assignment:

Do the Chapter G Skills Review on pp. 244 & 245. Submit all of the required files in folders named litcat and techno as directed on an otherwise blank floppy disk labeled with "Chapter G Skills Review p. 244 " and your name.


Do the Project Builder 1 on p. 246. Submit the file stuffomonth.png along with the folder named stuffomonth that contains stuffomonth.htm and the other necessary exported files on an otherwise blank floppy disk labeled with "Chapter G Project Builder 1 p. 246" and your name.

Finish the exercises in the page margins of Chapter H as necessary to reinforce the techniques taught in this chapter.

Study for next week's Final Exam