Class #6 Lecture
Flash Animation

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Finish Chapter E Lecture

Hands-On Exercises

  • Observe and list the differences between slices and hotspots. Identify the differences in using the Slices tool and the Hotspot tools. Also, discuss the differences in the exported HTML code when exporting slices versus hotspots.
  • Practice creating slices.
  • Practice creating hotspots.
  • Practice adding URL links to slices and hotspots and then testing the links in Internet Explorer.
  • Open the author's fwe_3.png file and examine it closely. Notice the existing frames and layers and preview it with the behaviors that it contains.
  • Follow the tutorial with fwe_3.png in the margins starting on p. 158.
  • Practice creating disjoint rollovers, especially ones that reveal sentences of text when the mouse is moved over a graphic.
  • Follow the tutorial on p. 166 with fwe_4.png or another example that uses button symbols.
  • Discuss the differences between using buttons and slices with URL links.

(if time) Begin Chapter F Lecture

(if time) Begin homework.

Homework Assignment:

Finish the exercises in the page margins of Chapter E as necessary to reinforce the techniques taught in this chapter.

Do the Chapter E Skills Review on pp. 170-173. Submit your saved file on an otherwise blank floppy disk labeled with "Chapter E Skills Review p. 170-173" and your name.

Be prepared for a possible hands-on quiz covering some aspect of this chapter.