Class #2 Lecture
Flash Animation

Review homework

Chapter B Lecture

Hands-on Exercises

  • Review the use of the Pen tool and manipulating anchor points.
  • Practice outlining objects with the Pen and Vector Path tools. Analyze the differences between those tools and the Pencil tool.
  • Practice using the Info panel.
  • Duplicate objects using various methods and inspect the results as displayed in the Layers panel.
  • Use the Modify/Combine Paths submenu commands on two vector objects.
  • Use the Modify/Align submenu commands to align various objects.
  • Practice setting and changing fill and stroke colors. Use gradients, RGB colors, & the Color Mixer.
  • Add various effects to a vector object and to a text object.
  • Apply preset styles to an object and to a path. Also, create your own style.

(if time) Do Skills Review on p. 68 as graded classwork

Discuss the Project Builder exercises 1 on p. 70.

(if time) Review Chapter B PowerPoint presentation.

(if time) Begin homework.

Homework Assignment:

Do the exercises in the page margins of Chapter B as necessary to reinforce the techniques taught in this chapter.

Do Chapter B Skills Review on pp. 68 & 69 or Chapter B Project Builder exercise 1 on p. 70. Submit your saved file on an otherwise blank floppy disk labeled with "Skills Review p. 68" or "Project Builder 1 p. 70" and your name.

Read Unit C.