Class #1 Lecture
Flash Animation

Introductions - List your name, email address, home & work phone nos., a secret 4-digit number, previous RACC WEB courses, & web site URL's.

Survey of experience with Fireworks and graphics software.

Visit the class Web site at

Review the course syllabus

Introduction to the textbook, Macromedia Fireworks MX 2004- Design Professional

Set up a folder on your PC named WEB215Minich (with your last name instead of Minich). Download the student data files from the textbook's web site and store them into this folder.

Unit A Lecture

  • Fireworks environment
    • open, move, and close panels (p. 9)
    • using help (p. 13)
    • ruler & guides (p. 23)
  • New documents
    • set document size & background color
  • Bitmap images
    • bitmap vs vector graphic
    • resolution issues
    • working with Layers panel (p. 18)
  • Create & modify shapes
    • Property Inspector & Info panel
    • control points
    • Auto Shapes
    • fills & strokes
    • anti-aliasing edges of a stroke
  • Create & modify text
    • kerning & leading (pronounced "ledding")
    • auto-sized vs fixed-width text blocks
    • path & anchor points (p. 27) & Pen tool
    • attaching text to a path (p. 31)

Discuss the Skills Review exercise on p. 32. This is your homework.

(if time) Review Unit A PowerPoint presentation.

(if time) Begin homework.

Homework Assignment:

Read Chapter A and do the exercises in the margins of the pages where necessary.

Do the Skills Review exercise on p. 32.

Read Chapter B