Class #4 Lecture
Layout & Functional Web Design

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  • Activity: Analyze the following sites and determine which Web site structure mentioned around p. 80 of the Sklar textbook categorizes them:
  • Activity: Do Ch. 3 Hands-On Project #6. On a piece of paper that could be submitted, explain how the chosen structure (linear or hierarchical) adds to or detracts from the effectiveness and ease of navigation of the site. Explain, in your opinion, whether the site provides sufficient navigation information to its probable audience. On the printouts of each example (linear and hierarchical) circle or highlight any site structure and navigation information that you can find on the page.
  • Activity: Examine and explain the directory structure of a couple web sites by surfing them backwards.
  • Activity: Examine and critique some corporate web sites based on these principles
  • Activity: What does Nielsen mean by "liquid" design on p. 174?
  • Activity: Identify a web site where you must enter through the home page and the URL address of interior pages does not show up in the browser's location bar.
  • Activity: Find the use of a metaphor in a company web site besides a shopping cart
  • Activity: Identify a company web site that is organized with two or more subsites


Homework Assignment: