Class #2 Lecture
Layout & Functional Web Design

Possible quiz

Submit homework - Ch. 1 Review Questions

Finish Ch. 1 Lecture

  • Activity: Find a web page that looks different in Netscape versus IE.
  • Activity: Find 2 examples of each on the Web. Turn in the URL addresses to the instructor.

Begin Ch. 2 Lecture

  • Activity: Explain the "personality" of one of your favorite web sites
  • Activity: Turn off the graphics in your browser and test whether you can make use of a site
  • Activity: Identify active and passive white space in a few web sites


Homework Assignment:
  • Read the Ch. 2 lecture notes
  • Read Ch. 2 of Sklar as well as Ch. 1 of Nielsen.
  • Do Ch. 2 Review Questions #4-7, 9, 10, 13, 18, 19 on pp. 59 & 60 on a piece of paper that could be submitted. You only have to write or type out your answer. Also, answer the question, "What are the 6 fundamental errors often made by web designers according to Nielsen in Ch. 1 of his book?"
  • Work on Assignment #1 (Case Project & Project Proposal on pp. 24 & 25) which is due at Class #5.