Class #1 Lecture
Layout & Functional Web Design

Review the course syllabus

Introduction to the textbooks

Hand in your name, email address, phone number, and a summary of any previous Web design experience (courses, projects, URLs, HTML, Dreamweaver, Frontpage, etc.) on a piece of paper

Tour the class Web site at

Survey of experience with Dreamweaver & Fireworks.

create tables create links   export optimized gif/jpg slice graphics
create layers create rollover   create button create disjoint rollover
change font, etc. create image map   create image map  
insert images     export HTML  

Review of Macromedia Dreamweaver & Macromedia Fireworks.

Ch. 1 Lecture


Homework Assignment:
  • Read the Ch. 1 lecture notes
  • Ch. 1 thoroughly.
  • Do Questions #1, 2, 4-9, 16, & 17 on pp. 22 & 23 on a piece of paper that could be submitted. You only have to write or type out your answers, not the questions themselves.
  • Begin to work on Assignment #1. This will be due in a couple of weeks.
  • Install Dreamweaver & Fireworks on your home computer if possible.