Class #11 Lecture
Layout & Functional Web Design

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  • Activity: Follow the instructor's demonstrations on...
    • creating a layer in Dreamweaver
    • setting the visibility of a layer
    • overlapping layers & changing the z-index of a layer
    • animating a layer
    • attaching behaviors to a layer
    • implementing browser detection to avoid cross-platform problems with a layer. You can manually check a page for browser compatibility using the File/Check Page menu command. Of course, you can also use the File/Preview in Browser menu command.
    • convert layers to tables and vice versa to use tables rather than layers using the Modify/Convert/Tables to Layers and ....Layers to Tables menu commands


Homework Assignment:
  • Read Ch. 3 of Nielsen & 4W
  • Finish Assignment #4 (navigation system for Final Project)