Class #10 Lecture
Layout & Functional Web Design

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Begin Ch. 5 Lecture

  • Activity: view other sites' use of tables by opening in Netscape Composer or Dreamweaver. First predict though whether or not a table was used. If a table isn't used, determine how the author has placed graphics, text blocks, and other elements across the page. The author may be using DHTML layers or Flash.

  • Activity: Test Dreamweaver's convenient screen size toggle switch in the status bar at the bottom of the page editor.

  • Activity: Type a quick web page with the source  <a href="javascript:resizeTo(640,480)">click to resize</a> . Then bookmark that page and visit it to quickly resize your browser window to see how your pages or other designer's pages look in a browser window at 640x480 resolution. See other bookmarks at


Homework Assignment: