RACC WEB 115 Coding Standards

Follow the following coding specifications when you design a Web page for a WEB 115 assignment. Please check this page regularly since it may be updated.

File Names

  1. Use all lower-case letters when naming all HTML and graphics files.
  2. Do not include any spaces within file names.
  3. Use logical, descriptive names for your web page files.
  4. All html page file names should end with the 3-letter extension .htm . Do not use the extension .html .
  5. All file names should end with the correct 3-letter extension. For example:


  1. Choose between gif's and jpg's wisely.
  2. All Web pages should link to graphics and images that are stored in appropriate "images" folder(s) within the site.
  3. All graphics and image files should have descriptive names. Otherwise, your files may overwrite other authors files when they are placed in the "images" folder. For example, do not use the file name "Image1.gif" for a graphic on your Web page.


  1. Use relative hyperlinks rather than absolute ones when possible.


  1. Keep the width of your Web pages to a size that makes it easy to read your Web page on computers with resolutions that your intended audience is likely to have. To be conservative, assume that most people use 800 x 600 resolutions.