RACC WEB 115 Class #17 Lecture


Ch. 9 Lecture

Activity: Create a stylesheet with Dreamweaver that specifies font and font size for your Final Project site for this workshop.

1.Use the Window/CSS Styles menu command.
2.Click the small black arrow and choose New Style...
3.Name the new style .ist6773 (or something relevant to your site name)
4.Click OK and save as ist6773.css in your ist6773 folder.
5.Open your index.htm home page and apply the .ist6773 style by linking the home page to the ist6773.css style sheet.
6.Change one of the style settings in your .css file using Notepad and reload the index.htm web page in a browser window to see the change take effect.

Review the process of causing a pop-up window to appear by either typing HTML code (see Class #13 Lecture page) or using Dreamweaver's Behaviors panel.

Homework Assignment: