Projects & Assignments

Assignment #1 - Due Thu Jan. 16

Do Ch. 1 Case Project #2 on p. 42. Develop a resume in Dreamweaver and save the file as resume.htm. Be sure to include the information indicated on p. 42 making up fictitious details if necessary. You must include several hyperlinks as well as a mailto: email link. Use _blank as the target window for each of your hyperlinks so that the user will see your resume in a window after clicking a given hyperlink. Be sure to give the page an appropriate title and color scheme. Use one or more tables to arrange the data as aesthetically as possible. You do not have to use any horizontal rules. Be sure that the HTML source code is neatly indented and that it includes adequate white space for readability.

Save this file as resume.htm onto a blank floppy disk labelled with your name, WEB 115, and the name of the assignment "Ch. 1 Case Project #2 - resume.htm". Submit the floppy disk along with a printout of the page as viewed in Internet Explorer stapled to a printout of the HTML.

Assignment #2 - Due Thu Jan. 23

Using Fireworks, create a professional-looking main graphic for a fictitious web site. This graphic can be modelled on a main graphic found on the home page of an exisiting web site. It must include text and graphics such as shapes, inserted images, paths with fill, etc. The width of the graphic should be based on your audience's screen resolution. The height of the graphic should be based on the storyboard of the home page on which the graphic is used. If the graphic contains a navigation bar (which can later be activated as an image map or a sliced navigation bar) as well as the logo of the company and home page body text, then the file may be rather tall. Use an appropriate background color or transparency for the graphic. You must effectively use at least 3 layers in the png file. You may use effects such as drop shadows. The overall file size should not be extreme relative to the amount of the web page it's meant to fill. Save the graphic as heading.png. Also, export it as a jpg or gif, whichever is most appropriate and results in a minimum file size while preserving color and resolution. Save this exported version as heading.gif or heading.jpg. Include both files on a blank floppy disk labelled with your name, "WEB 115", and "Assignment #2". You will be graded on whether or not you follow the specifications above as well as aesthetic design.

Assignment #3 - Due Tue Jan. 28

Create an animated gif using the Tween Instances menu command in Fireworks. Some object, shape, or piece of text in the animated gif should give the appearance of motion, morphing, or both. The animated gif must contain at least 5 frames and appear relatively smooth when viewed in Internet Explorer. Save the original png file as animatedlogo.png and export and save the animated gif as animatedlogo.gif. Submit these two files on a blank floppy disk labelled with your name, WEB 115, and the name of the assignment "Assignment #4 - animated gif".

Assignment #4 - Due Thu Jan. 30

Do Ch. 4 Case Project #3 on p. 161. Find a site map for a relatively large company on the Internet. You may have to search for awhile but eventually you will find a web site that has a page called "site map". Visit the pages within the site to determine the depth and width of the organizational structure of the site. How many branches does the site have from the home page (i.e. width)? How many links can you follow before you reach a "dead-end" page (i.e. depth)? Visit the links in the site map and look closely at the URL addresses of pages at different levels and from different "branches" of the web site. Do you notice any peculiarities? Can you make any generalizations? Print a copy of the site map and type an analysis that describes what you observed about the navigation strategy and the functional layout of the web site. Submit these staped printouts.

Assignment #5 - Due Tue Feb. 4

Do Ch. 4 Case Project #1 on p. 161. Save the HTML file that you're prompted to make as mymap.htm. Save the graphic file as mymap.gif.

Save this file as mymap.htm along with mymap.gif onto a blank floppy disk labelled with your name, WEB 115, and the name of the assignment "Ch. 4 Case Project #1 - mymap.htm". Submit the floppy disk along with stapled copies of the printout of the page as viewed in Internet Explorer and the printout of the HTML source code.

Project #1 - Due Tue Feb. 18

See this link.

Assignment #6 - Due Tue Feb. 11

Save a copy of your Project #1 home page. Place a jump menu in a logical place on this copy of your home page. The jump menu can provide links to the other main subdivision pages and placeholder pages within your site. Or, it may provide links to external pages related to your site. Survey other web sites such as Penn State Berks ( www.bk.psu.edu ) & www.chevrolet.com to see how they use jump menus. Save this file and any associated images as default.htm on a blank floppy disk labelled with your name, "WEB 115", and "Assignment #6".

Assignment #7 - Due end of class Thu Feb. 13

Revise your Project #1 by fixing anything the instructor pointed out when he graded it including your audience analysis, flowchart, & storyboards. Define a Dreamweaver site for your Project #1 on your PC in the computer lab and upload the site to the Stuwebsrv. Thoroughly test your site. Other students in the class will eventually be viewing this site!

Project #2 - Due end of class Tue Feb. 25

See this link for the full specs.