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Class #7 Lecture

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Continue Ch. 3 Lecture with discussion on Ch. 3 Demo Project #1

3 versions of Ch. 3 Demo Project #1

1. The code on a Web page

After you click this link, you can use Netscape's Edit/Select All, Copy, and Paste menu commands to place the code into a new, blank VB project's code window after you have created and named any necessary objects.

2. The .frm file

This contains not only the code but the properties associated with the form. After you click this link, use the File/Save As... menu command from Netscape, being sure to specify the .frm extension. Then, you can double-click this .frm file to load and edit the project in VB.

3. The .exe file

Simply click this link and save the file anywhere on a computer that has VB installed. Then you can double-click the file to execute the program. You cannot modify or open this version of the project within VB. By the way, this is how you would distribute or sell a VB project. See Ch. 5 (p. 199) to learn how easy it is to create your own executable files.

Review selected Ch. 3 Review Questions #2, 4, 6, 7 on p. 118

Review selected exercises from Feedback sections in Ch. 3

Discuss Ch. 3 Hands-On Programming Example

Possible quiz from topics discussed during lecture or online quiz questions?

Homework Assignment:

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