RACC VB Class #1 Lecture

Review the course syllabus

Introduction to the textbook, Programming in Visual Basic 6.0, by Bradley & Millspaugh

Hand in your name, email address, phone number, and a summary of any previous programming experience on a piece of paper

Visit the class Web site at www.minich.com/education/racc/visualbasic

Discuss and memorize Ch. 1 Demo Program #1 (aka the Hello World program). Be able to identify an event procedure, a property, a method, the name of a form, and a comment statement. This will be a quiz at the next class.

Introduction to Visual Basic 6.0 and obtaining the software

Review the VB environment being able to identify and "retrieve" the project explorer, form, & properties windows as well as the toolbox and toolbar. Set your computer's copy of Visual Basic to require variable declarations under the Tools/Options menu command.

Type, save, and execute your first program (Ch. 1 Demo Program #1).

Lecture on any remaining topics in the Ch. 1 Lecture

Homework Assignment: