CIS 230

Class #19 Lecture

Visit and play Set which is Mr. Minich's favorite game of all time

A look at Albright College & Penn State Great Valley's programming-related offerings

Review selected Ch. 8 Review Questions on p. 320 #5 & #6

Review selected Feedback 8.2 exercises on p. 295

Begin Ch. 10 Lecture

Introduce Programming Assignment #2

Hands on Programming Exercise:

  1. (user-defined types) Do Feedback 8.3 #1 & 2 (p. 299) on your computer.  Place the Type/End Type statement in the general declarations section of the form module but declare it as Private. Create five text boxes allowing the user to enter the 5 pieces of information for a student. Then, create another text box that invites the user to enter an integer between 1 and 100. Finally, create a command button that will insert the 5 data elements from 5 text boxes into the desired position of the array (subscripted from 1 to 100) of 100 students.

  2. (two-dimensional tables) Do Feedback 8.4 (p. 310) on your computer. Use loops efficiently to answer exercises #2 - 4.

  3. (sequential access files) Write a program that simply stores the user's name on the first line of a sequential access file. Use an InputBox to obtain the user's name. (See pp. 435 & 436 to learn how to use the InputBox Function.)

Homework Assignment:

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