PRG 240 Advanced Visual Basic Mailing List

To Subscribe to the Mailing List

To join our class mailing list, simply send a blank email message to "". Practically minutes later, you will receive a message from the computer asking you to reply to that message with a blank message. You will be subscribed to the mailing list when you reply to this invitation. Be sure to use the Reply button or feature of your email program. This roundabout method of subscribing to a mailing list ensures that someone can't subscribe other people to mailing lists.

At the end of the semester, Mr. Minich will manually unsubscribe everyone from the class mailing list on the assumption that you will no longer wish to be a member. You can automatically unsubscribe to the list at anytime by sending a blank message to "".

Using the Mailing List

Once you have subscribed to the mailing list, you may send a message to it by using the special address, A single message sent to that special address is automatically copied and forwarded to ALL subscribers of the mailing list (including yourself.) This makes the mailing list a very effective way to communicate but you should only send messages that pertain to our course. Please be polite and refrain from using a sarcastic or critical tone in any messages. You should email someone directly if it is not appropriate for others to read particular comments. All past email messages can be read at the archive for this mailing list, so it isn't really necessary to store old messages in your email application.