PRG 240 - Class #4 Lecture

Take an open-book quiz where you have to create a MDI project with a parent form and two child forms. The parent form must contain a File menu with View Form1 and View Form2 commands that allow the user to view each form. Each form should have an Exit command button that allows the user to close that form. The File menu should also have an Exit command that properly allows the project to exit. Copy the folder that contains this project onto a labelled, blank floppy disk and submit to the instructor.

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Finish reviewing the online Ch. 2 Notes. If necessary, discuss and demonstrate the image box, toolbar, status bar, listview, treeview, and tabbed dialog box controls. Any questions with the Add methods for the TreeView Nodes collection, the ListView Items collection and the ListView Item's Subitems collection?

Review MS Access. Open the AVB.mdb Access database that is supplied on the Student CD-ROM. Identify the primary key in each table. Create a database with 2 or more tables from scratch to familiarize yourself with Access.

Discuss Ch. 3.

Ch. 2 VB Auto Center debugging

Homework Assignment: