PRG 240 - Class #1 Lecture

Distribute & discuss course syllabus

Take note of the schedule for class as posted on our home page. Class on Feb 5 and Feb 19 will be 7-8 pm.

Introduction to textbook, Advanced Programming Using Visual Basic 6.0, by Bradley & Millspaugh

Introduction to the course Web site ( )

Introduction to Visual Basic 6.0 and obtaining the software

Set up & test the VB environment in our lab. See Setting Environment Options on p. 8.

Review the Ch. 1 Notes.

Appendix C Review (Introductory VB Topics - on p. 584) - If necessary, build a project that uses selected VB controls and syntax to review elementary VB concepts.

Ch. 2 Lecture & build a Ch. 2 demo program that illustrates selected topics

Homework Assignment: