PRG 240 - Class #11 Lecture

Quiz - You have 10 minutes to create a project that allows the user to navigate the records of the VBAuto Customer table. All three fields of the VBAuto Customer table must be visible in bound textboxes on the form. The user must be able to use command buttons to navigate the records. Be sure that an error does not occur if the user tries to advance beyond the the "front end" or the "back end" of the recordset. You should also have buttons that allow the user to immediately access the first record in the table and the last record in the table.

Discuss the submitted Ch. 3 VB Auto Center projects. Clarify the specs. Resubmit these projects next week on Tue 4/23 (along with Ch. 4 VB Auto.) You will have some class time on Thur 4/18 to work on any project.

Begin Ch. 6 Lecture & Discussion

Ch. 4 VB Auto Center working session

Homework Assignment:

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