Week #4 Resources

  1. Enroll in online course if you haven't already done so. ZDU only allows us to take "tutorials" with a free account. Most (or all) of the tutorials however require us to download and install a special plug-in to our browser (Netscape). You can install this plug-in on the machine that you use in our computer lab. In fact, this is good practice in locating and successfully downloading a plug-in which allows you to visit "enhanced" Web sites.
  2. Examine the Link to Learn Web site ( Look at other ways that Pennsylvania educators have used the Web and technology. Also, use the search engines to find examples of Web activities that you can use in your Instructional Unit.
  3. Make sure that you have signed up for Web space on PSU Web server using your PSU Access ID and password if you haven't already. Read through the instructions and FAQ's since we will eventually be uploading our Web pages to the PSU Web server. You can see your temporary home page now at, where xyz123 is the username for your PSU Access account.
  4. Demonstration: Using Netscape Composer to create a Web page, learning to manipulate text and to create colors on a Web page. Also, learn how to use tables to spacially arrange elements on a Web page.
  5. Demonstration: Converting existing resources to HTML. You can either use Copy/Paste to move text into a Web page or, with some applications, you can save directly into HTML format.
  6. Classwork: Work on newsletter assignment, Web site, Research Assignment, and/or Web Search Site Reviews.

Homework Assignment

Things you MUST turn in next week

Things you SHOULD put work on:

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