INSYS 400 - Class #10 Resources

  1. Classwork - Put finishing touches on your Web site, Multimedia Presentation, and/or Instructional Unit.

  2. Take the INSYS 400 Final Exam at

    1. Visit
    2. Click the hyperlink for "Quiz Lab" in the upper-right corner.
    3. Under student login, type "insys400word" as the Secret Word and type your name as "Your Name".
    4. After you've finished the 10-question multiple-choice exam, you will see your results. The results will also be emailed to the instructor.
    5. You can create your own quizzes for free at! It's easy and convenient for you to make quizzes and for your students to take them. An online gradebook is even kept for your convenience. For only $29.95/year, you can set up multiple teacher accounts and share quizzes too! Brian uses to create similar online free quizzes.

  3. (if time) Discussion - Using school portals, using email efficiently, & My Yahoo

  4. (if time) Demonstration - Multimedia on the Web

  5. Demonstration - A tour of the highlights of Mr. Minich's Practical Uses of the Internet workshop.